Tunisia, where the R&M  company is located, enjoys a universal reputation for excellence as it stretches across rich and fertile lands, leaning over the northern shores of Europe and telling the story of the Southern and African Desert. This ancestral country seems to be the North / South point of convergence: Africa and Europe and East West.
It should be noted that our company is in its three sales departments which are well organized at the heart of the business. And if we probe each department, we will deduce that it manages a reduced range in specialist, taking into account the level and the qualitative aspect of the products as well as an ideal handling of the logistics, and this, from the packaging to reach the delivery, by being in adequacy with the well-respected regulations of the original country.
From now on, we are able to consolidate all the characteristic and excellent relations with our customers_ provided that these associated entrepreneurs are industrialists, producers, importers or wholesalers_ based on our evaluative aim as far as the international trade’s techniques and effective participation to work vigorously towards full compliance with our commitments so that we can join the nature of the quality of service and succeed in satisfying our customer.



In attempting to provide soft supply sources, the R & M Group has established a network that brings together a set of suppliers located around the world from each continent. With experience; this company has been able to assemble a number of very specific commercial relationships with multinational entities. By resorting to the know-how of which the warrantor is a firm attention of our contracts and engagements.

     It should also be noted that our diverse horizons are in key parts of the world of activity and are oriented towards Europe, South East Asia, Central Africa and Arab countries


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